is the first salt and spice company in Timor-Leste, founded at the end of 2012. Home of Timorganic is the small island of Timor-Leste, right at the passage between the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean known for its unspoiled waters, beaches and unique diving grounds.

Jako beach

Since beginning Timorganic is committed to the high standards of product selection and food security. Raw materials for salt and spices are controlled and selected from local producer, guarantying that our products are wild, natural or organically grown and sustainable produced by local farmers and farmer groups.


Our Values and Commitment

Timorganic offers more than healthy, unique, wild grown and natural products, you can trust. Timorganic has a commitment with its customers as well as with its suppliers. We are directly linked to sustainability and integrity, from the field to the shelf. We train and support our local farmers and producers in order to supply only the best raw materials.