Pure Ocean Salt

End of 2012 Timorganic introduced the Pure Ocean Salt, produced by artisan salt producers in the small village of Manatuto. Tests made by independent laboratories in Germany revealed an ocean salt with high content of minerals and low sodium.

The secret of high mineral content and low sodium is the properly stored mangrove soil.

The soil is washed with fresh ocean water and filtered, until the brine is collected. filter
Instead of evaporating the brine by industrial ponds, the artisan salt producer boil the salt water in big pans until the right point when the salt crystallizes. salt

Timorganic uses this raw salt in order to create the Pure Ocean Salt by careful drying, sieving, cleaning and packaging, all without any additives.

Today, Timorganic can offer three different selections:

Free flowing Fine Salt fine
Medium Salt medium
Crystal Coarse Salt coarse

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